Sustainability, Durability and Transferability of Project Outputs

Sustainability of the project and one of its main characteristics is establishing of two joint CB clusters in the area of Sombor and Belišće. Founders of these clusters will be local public bodies, guaranteeing their long-term financial sustainability and institutional framework. Furthermore, cooperation and networking among SMEs, knowledge institutions, local companies and citizens established by CBC Clusters project will be further strengthened by innovative mobile and web-based solutions developed by this project. Cluster in Belišće will collaborate with new business incubator for engineering and paper industry startups to be build in Belišće.

In the long run achievements of this project will contribute to harmonized economic development of the CBC area through cooperation, enhanced capacities of SMEs and research institutions together with growth of employment potential. When it is achieved through cooperation, development is also sustainable.

This project has great potential for expansion and replication. As the project is innovative in many ways and will provide an example of how to enhance agricultural production and productivity using R&D&I results and create conditions for the transfer of innovation from academia to agri-food industry, it may be replicated in other IPA regions, as well. For this purpose, results of project activities and research will be published and promoted, along with suggestions for further activities and measures.