Contributions to programme strategy and horizontal axes

Sustainable development (environment) – positive

This project will have a focus on minimizing environmental impact and achieving sustainable development by use of clean energy and renewable resources.

One of the activities during this project will be analysis of possibilities and capabilities of using different types of renewable resources for different agricultural activities in the cross-border region. Renewable energy and agriculture are a winning combination, since wind, solar, geo-thermal and biomass energy can be harvested forever, providing farmers with a long-term source of income and more sustainable way of farming. Together with that, Web based tool for mapping of the renewable resources suitable for usage in agriculture in the cross-border region will be developed during this project.

Equal opportunity and non-discrimination – positive

CBC Clusters project will consider the principles of equal opportunities and non-discrimination and ensure that these are taken into account in all project activities. Establishment of two cross-border clusters will contribute to the creation of employment and cooperation opportunities to all inhabitants of the region, including vulnerable and marginalised groups. Innovative mobile and web-based solutions developed during this project will also be used to strengthen CBC B2B cooperation and boost business environment in the programme area, offering equal chances and opportunities to all.

Tools developed through the project and membership in the CBC clusters shall be open to persons in programme area regardless of their ethnicity, socioeconomic position, religion, age, sex or other factors. Online tools are especially pertinent to this horizontal principle as they ensure people with limited physical ability or who live far away are not prevented from learning and taking part.

Equality between men and women – positive

The principle of gender equality will be applied throughout the implementation of the CBC Clusters project, and it will be ensured that project activities comply with the principles of equality between men and women. Education offered to SMEs and cluster members, cluster’s mentoring, enabling students / graduates to gain experience and practice with companies- clusters’ members are among project activities which will be fully available to women as well as men.

Together with that,  project team itself will be staffed in a gender-balanced manner to achieve equal representation of both sexes.